Sep 29, 2010


yeah, i decided upon slamming the bike.... so far so good. Will be
kind of semislammed, so no groundscraper....


As in any new project, one needs to get the priorities right , agreed?

The formula for a custom chopshop is the same as when starting a band.
Three simple steps:

1. Get a website
2. Print cool tshirts.
3. Start the actual band, or in this case chopping...

Well I have step one down, and actually step three as well (!?), so I guess the next step is to go for number two (pun intended), i.e. get cool shop shirts!
I have already consulted with master designer C to create a snazzy piece, and let me tell, you, its ├╝bersexy.

The shirts will of course be strictly limited....
If you want one, please let me know and we´ll sort it out. They will of course be crazy expensive as well. ABH.... always be hustlin...


Sep 22, 2010

OK so I decided to start updating on what I am doing to my bike in my garage...
This is what happens when you have th ewill and ideas but not the cash... just do it yourself...

It aint pretty but it works.