Nov 14, 2011

new bike!!!

The dragstar bobber is gone, sold to an old friend that will take good
care of her. the little Kawasaki is also sold, nearly finished the
project tho he he...

All other bikes sold because I finally caved to the old harleyswamp...
bought a 99 sporty, so yeah not all people consdier that a real
Harley... they should try mine, and then go home and cange their
underwear. it's a monster.

Jul 30, 2011


So I have come to the conclusion that the mikuni carbs were waaaaaaay too big for the kawai and so I had Jens fabricate a 2 into 1 carb manifold. After mounting that the engine still ran way rich so what to do? Comb the forums and hunt down all the carb experts etc etc... after much reading and testing on the bike I decided that the needle jet is too big as well....
Over to Ebay to order various sizes of jets.
get package in mailbox.
mount and test different sizes.
still running a bit rich but its going in the right direction ....

Also I find myself looking at hd Sportster ads at Blocket...... they are pretty affordable plus you got endless aftermarket stuff to choose from.... lets see what happens...
If I buy a sportster I need to sell both the Kawa and the Yamaha... ouch....

Mar 15, 2011

tank lid!

scored a lid on Swedish eBay. nice and cheap. welded the tank as well so now it sticks ti the bike hehe...

Mar 2, 2011


back to my original plan. the 21" is not going on this bike. I'm sticking with the original wheels. made a spacer for the brake today to make the kawabrake fit the honda fork. unholy alliance but hey it's gonna work!!

Jan 24, 2011

....and speedo moved.

Way better like this. Funny how so little can do so much. (Thats what SHE said..)

Jan 19, 2011

new parts..

Got the rubber forkcovers, carbfilters and new clutchlever delivered today!
Sweet stuff. Its all suppossed to go on a Triumph but what the hell, it fits, so there!
Also did some cleanup around the ignitioncoil bracket the other day... plus I am cleaning the
clutch wire as well...
Last but not least i finally found a petcock for the tank, in a scooterstore where I live.

Jan 2, 2011

Happy 2011

Fucking COLD in my garage so I spent some (very little) time to scribble down my vision on paper (or rather screen in this case).
heres what Im shooting for with the kawasaki..well at least somethng in this direction...

The name is El Pequeno, "The small one" since its gonna be pretty small...