Oct 13, 2010

In waiting

Well.. still waiting for the shirts to show up.. should be this week..
Also waiting to hear on any progress on the tank.... theres no rush but still.. I wanna see how it turns out!!

I put springs under the saddle for comfort, but it looks like sgit. The saddle is sitting way too high now. looks like an old harley WL, and not in a good way...

Looking for a new project bike as well, an xs 650.. but people are selling them way too expensive here in Sweden..
Ah well....

Oct 8, 2010

Tank and shirt!

My welding guy picked up the new tank yesterday...
gonna be a while but no rush since winter is coming so...
Gonna be sweet when its done!

Tshirts are ordered and I am proud the present you with the design below.
They are STRICTLY LIMITED to 10 (yes TEN pieces...) first come first served.

Oct 5, 2010


I was a bit worried after I slammed the bike, since the spring collar
was very close to the wireharness... Today I took à closer look and
man Im glad I did!!!!
The spring was already eating away on The harness!!! Not much to do
but reverse it....
Function beat design... Dammit.

looking into hardtailing it full on instead..... Big project tho....

Oct 2, 2010

slam dunk

Im pretty happy with the slam. Looks AND handling improved!!!
First tie between function vs design. Suhweeet!!!

Another thing; I got to see the completed tshirt design today.
All  I can say is: damn cool.